Saturday, December 19, 2009

i finally solve the reason why i hate you

this my first blog here and its kinda happy or somehow a realization part of my ripped world of love and despair..i finally realized that i've been fooled by her..but im happy for it, at least im not a foolish anymore..

but after all i can't say that she is a bad person..for the past one year of this cataclysm..
she rejected me at first..
she wants to try it next..
then she doesn't want it all over again..

sad to say..i hurt another girl by leaving her side just to be with this girl who wants to try to have a relationship. and because of it my conscience eats me up..fool!! ryt?

i hope i didnt listen to her call..
i hope i didnt entertain what she wants..

she just come in and out of my life without any reasons of her actions..
i just left it hanging..
i dont want to ask y..
i dont want to know the reasons..

because i might not understand it at all..

at least now..i can finally move along..
slowly but surely...
full of pain but in time...
i know i will be happy...

i know there are reasons why she did that..
it might be a one big fucking selfish reason but still i will understand..
i will respect that...

she know hu she is..and you cant blame me if i hate you a little..(tampo..something like that)
she just left without any reasons...
she dont even try to tell me what's wrong..
she just left me alone..

she know that i tried so hard..
but i understand if she dont prioritize it..
i think the reason is that she want to have more time with her friends..

one funny thing is that i clean up all my mess before, thinking that they were the cause of our problem..and then everything's all right but still there are problems..i fixed the gap between me and my ex and now we are ok, (note:my and d gurl are friends, i know wat ur thinking but it is just a coincidence)..also to her friend who we believe that is against us, i talk to him about the issue and he explained that he have nothing against us..but still we are going down..

i can compare our relationship as a plane,,
a plane in a runway,,
but i cant take off d ground..
maybe engine problem hahahaha...

for now i just laugh it loud
i dont have any choice...
im the only one who can help myself..

i just wanna say sorry for kathleen for what ive done to soo sorry for hurting you..i know ive done wrong but still you were there..i know i cant bring back those times that we have but still im thankful of what is left for us..

and thanks for yuichi for helping me realized all of this...
and to my friends..thanks, you make me realized that i can be happy in many ways...
and to her..i just wish you are happy after all...


  1. Grabe you're so emo to the nth power konyotiks tol!.. ahhaha joke! XD...

  2. Okay..:)
    I'm happy that you have learned so much from your experience. You're blessed to have friends that helped you realize all those things.
    Hope that we can still be good friends.
    Be happy!
    Always pray!
    Only God can fully understand you. :)
    God bless you Patrick star! Merry Christmas :)

  3. hoy jolo..hahah to the nth power ka jan..hehehe..aun nilalabas q na lahat para la na lahat 2 sa new year..wooohh!!!

  4. hi cute kat!!tnx..merry christmas din..